Sumpter Free Health Clinic - Free Healthcare and Human Needs for the Impoverished

A visit to Sumpter Free Health Clinic is more than just prescribing medicine. Its about giving you the tools to live a healthier, longer life. When you come in, we will talk about what is concerning you and then create a plan to help you get on the path to better health. We provide:
    • Diabetes Testing and Management
    • Hypertensive Testing and Management
    • Urinalysis and More
    Let us help you. No Appointments Walk Ins Only. Thanks for visiting!
    For those without, the Benefit Bank and the Program are ways we can help the residents of rural South Carolina.
    The Sumpter Free Health Clinic is supported by financial donations. We are a organization and all donations are . 
    Some great pledge ideas include:  
    • A pledge with donations made over several years In memory or in honor of an individual Commemorating a special event, birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, promotion, , etc. 
    • In lieu of holiday gift giving through group and family gifts 
    • By designating the Clinic as the beneficiary for your special event to benefit our community
    All donations will be acknowledged.  
    Please make  your payable to:
    Sumpter Free Health Clinic
    PO Box 340
    St. Stephen, SC 29479
    Mission Statement:  The Sumpter Free Health Clinic exists to provide free healthcare for those with no health insurance and to provide other human needs services for those living in the most impoverished, rural areas.
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